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Have you ever sat down ready to work on your online business only to get tripped up reading about EPCs, CTAs, ROIs, and a host of other jargony terms?  If so, you've come to the right place.


At Kartra Academy, we get it.  Building an online business isn't just a lot of work; it requires some pretty specialized knowledge. 


Further, we believe that access to information should never be a blocker to achieving your goals.  To this end, we've opened the doors of our knowledge vault for you... absolutely free.

Inside you'll find marketing tips and strategies, how-to guides, webinars, training videos, and even full mastery courses on everything from business building basics, to ninja-cool advanced methods.


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  • Done For You Funnel Flowcharts

    Get an EXACT blueprint for how to run a successful marketing campaign.  Kartra Academy is packed with flowcharts that lay out the precise path you need for many different goals such as getting leads, making sales and launching.  We've even included the legendary "Four Day Cash Machine" strategy by Frank Kern.

  • Advanced Training Webinars

    Kartra Academy members get an exclusive seat at all of our weekly live training webinars.  Plus, you'll also have dozens of webinar replays, complete with player controls and show notes at your fingertips.  Fast forward, rewind, replay and skip ahead to the next topic that interests you!

  • Searchable Kartra Walkthroughs

    Get all of your Kartra related questions answered in one place, with new content being added daily.  Every video, training, tutorial, walkthrough or FAQ we create about Kartra can be found in these pages.

  • Marketing Master Classes

    Not only are we adding strategy discussions and new Done For You Funnel instructions every month, we are also adding access to many courses that have sold for thousands of dollars on their own.  Things like the highly acclaimed Video Boss and Video Genesis, Genesis Labs, Traffic Genesis, and many many more!  All free to Kartra Academy members.


    Which... I think we mentioned.. is also completely free :) 


So... What's The Catch?

We've all heard the expression that there's no such thing as a free lunch.  So what's the catch? There's no way that all this high value content is absolutely free!

You got us.  We do have an incentive to give you access to all this great content.  It's because we're hoping that you see the clear value that Kartra can provide you as the software that runs your business.  And while you can remain a Kartra Academy member for free, forever... we are definitely hoping that you take one more step towards the success of your business by becoming a full-fledged Kartra user.  


Until that day, we're delighted to have you as a full access member of Kartra Academy... simply click the button below and we'll get started!

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